Top Causes of Stress and How To Effectively Manage

The American Institute of stress has determined there are numerous triggers for this malady, which vary from one individual to the next. There are certain that affect someone which may not worry someone else. Also, some individuals have to go through several stressful circumstances to begin to experience physical and psychological effects of this condition.

Here are some of the common causes of stress

Childhood trauma

Some people can go through chronic stress due to a traumatic childhood. The adverse childhood experiences iconic 1998 study revealed that troubling emotional experiences during childhood can trigger physical turmoil throughout one’s lifetime. Children who are routinely exposed to abuse usually experience the psychological effects throughout their adulthood.


Divorce is yet another major cause of this mental condition, according to the Holmes-Raye scale. Besides the inevitable shock of leaving their home, divorcees often get caught up with disputes on issues like division of property, finances, child support and custody.

Finances issues

According the Holmes-Raye scale, financial difficulties, especially mortgage foreclosures can trigger stress and now rank #1 on its evaluation scale. Individuals who are poor or facing insurmountable debt or bankruptcy, can experience elevated levels of this mental problem.


Work associated anxiety is rampant among those with demanding jobs and those who have to work for long hours. Most workers also get stressed up during poor economic spells worrying about possible layoffs.

How to manage stress effectively

Avoid nicotine and caffeine

To minimize stress levels, you should try to curb your nicotine and caffeine intake. Both of which are stimulants that heighten the levels of this malady. Instead, take plenty of water, herbal teas and diluted fruit juices. Always keep yourself well hydrated to cope with the rigors of been stressed up.

Indulge in physical exertion

Stress heightens the levels of cortisol and adrenaline. These are ‘fight or fight’ hormones wired to our brains and meant to protect us when threatened with bodily harm. Nevertheless, in this age, this response cannot be effective. Rather engage in moderate physical exertion as an ideal surrogate to be able to ‘metabolize’ the excess levels of these hormones. While also restoring your mind to a more calm and relaxed condition.

Talk to somebody

Finding time to candidly discuss about what’s bothering you can be of immense help to you. First of all, it will distract you from dwelling on your stressful thoughts. Secondly, it will assist you to release pent-up tension. Talk with a loved one, close friend or if necessary a professional counselor. This will assist you to obtain practical solutions to your stress, which prevents you from seeing things with a clear perspective.

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